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September 17th, 2018 0


If you want your dental website to be:

  • Easy to find
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to book an appointment
  • Attractive

Learn more about the best dental website practices. Be ready to improve:

  • Content
  • Structure
  • Photos
  • Colors
  • SEO

Want to know more?

Get enrolled and become a certified dental administrator after completing a Comprehensive Dental Office Management 360 course. The course includes 24 lessons divided into 4 blocks:

  • Dental marketing and dental digital marketing
  • Dental patients experience
  • Digital ecosystem planning for dental offices
  • Scheduling

This course’s advantages are incredible:

  1.     Significant impact on a dental practice: you will acquire and retain more patients.
  2.     The possibility to get a financing of a part of education cost from Émploi-Quebec.
  3.     Affordable tuition.
  4.     Flexible learning schedule.
  5.     100% auto-paced online lessons.
  6.     Revolutionary improvement of skills and expertise for dental office managers and administrators.
  7.     After a successful final test, dental office managers and administrators will be certified in dental business administration.


The next enrollment is planned for October 15th, 2018.

Enroll now and benefit from this program's advantages as well as a 40% discount!

Pay 1499$ + taxes instead of 2499$ + taxes!

Here is how to enroll:

  1.     Click this link
  2.     Press a button “BOOK NOW”
  3.     Type your name and email and press “Send”
  4.     Get a confirmation email with an enclosed student application
  5.     Fill the application, sign it and send it via email
  6.     Get a response from your Personal Education Programs’ Manager
  7.     Get and pay your invoice
  8.     Become an online student and make a revolutionary impact on a dental practice you are making better each day!

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